Our Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Garneau Block Corporation has the right to make changes to information on this website, services offered and the Terms and Conditions, stated herein, without prior notice. Changes will be communicated via email to those on the Garneau Block Corporation email list. Disputes will be handled in Alberta, Canada.


The content of the Garneau Block Corporation website, and that which is offered (including, but not limited to, images, handouts, blogs, videos, and logos) are the property of Garneau Block Corporation. The information that you learn, through the services of Garneau Block Corporation or of any delegate of the same, can be verbally shared with family, friends, or clients, without permission; however, this represents the opinion of the employee in a specific set of circumstances and should be repeated with care and at your own risk.


Garneau Block Corporation assumes no responsibility or liability for third party content provided in links or references to other websites, resources and products. Garneau Block Corporation is not liable from damages or injury arising from content provided on this website, whether delivered via a third party or by Garneau Block Corporation.

The website is intended for those of legal drinking age.

Privacy policy

As a client, your name, email, address and banking information may be collected for purposes of operating Garneau Block Corporation.

Your name and email address may be used to communicate regular newsletter information, including sales promotions and upcoming events. Your email address may be shared with Mailchimp, to send out the newsletters and as required with Alberta Liquor Gaming and Cannabis (AGLC) upon entering of contract. It will not be shared with any other companies. You can access email and name information held by Garneau Block Corporation for purposes of delivering newsletter content by contacting contact@aglowhealth.ca

Please see our detailed Privacy Policy.